Back to Work/ School

This time every year I restart the process of going back to school both as a student and as a teacher. This is my second year at the University of Mississippi. I love it here, but I also have separation anxiety. Living away from my family is not easy, and I feel like I am living two separate lives. Both of those lives are wonderful, and I wouldn’t trade either one for all the gold in California; however, I would like to bring both of those lives together into one. That will happen; eventually, it will all come together. I’m doing this so that I can have one amazing life.

This year I make a major leap in the steps to bring both of my lives into alignment. At the end of this school year, I will finish coursework forever. That’s right…FOREVER. Unless I just want to, I’ll never again have to take a class. The thought is unreal. Two semesters, and I’m done with courses. All these years and all this hard work is paying off. Then, I will move into the comps process. Let’s pretend that step doesn’t exist for the moment, because it makes my stomach sick. For now, I’m going to take a step back and enjoy being in school. Here’s to hoping the hotty toddy weather doesn’t drag me down!

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