Dear Deer

wp-image-468192360I moved into a new building this year. A Grad Students only building. That has relieved a lot of the pressures of living with people I don’t know. Undergrads tend to need mothers, and they are usually more interested in the social aspects of college life than the academic ones. This is of course an overly broad generalization. Personally, I like living with Grad Students better. We have similar interests and similar needs for clean and quiet.

Back to the story. My building now faces the woods, or rather, a little strip of land I want to call woods. That’s how I’ll think about it in my mind. As I was walking from the kitchen to my room, I spotted this guy or gal from my balcony. He had a partner following behind that I was unable to capture in an image.

This deer made my day. I don’t know why, but I needed a little fun, a little something out of the ordinary, a little something not written in text. So to that deer, I send all my thanks.

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